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Get Your Degree and Advance Your Career 

Return to the U makes it easier for you to complete your degree at the University of Utah, no matter when or why you "stopped out."

For adult learners, working students, and nontraditional students, flexible options and a strong support system are keys to graduation. We collaborate with offices across campus to connect you with the help you need to navigate through the university. 

Fall Priority Deadline: Aug 1
Spring Priority Deadline: Jan 1

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We can walk you through the reapplication process. Click below to have someone from RTU reach out to you.

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"There’s so much help here."

"To anyone that’s on the same path that I was on, being away from school that many years, intimidated, life takes over ... I’d tell them everyone’s got a why, why you do anything. Find your why. The effect that it has on your life, economically, socially, so many different ways, it’s totally worth it. Don’t feel intimidated. Particularly with this university, coming back, there’s so much help here." - Jamal Carter

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Flexible Degree Options

The University of Utah makes it easier to fit school around your life and complete your degree on your schedule:

  • UOnline offers fully online degree programs. This option is more affordable for undergraduates thanks to reduced fees and equal tuition rates whether you are a Utah resident or live in another state. See a full list of undergrad programs.
  • The Sandy Center makes it easier to get to class with evening classes and plenty of free parking.
  • Week-long intensives and "mini-mesters" let you finish a full-semester course in a much shorter time. Intensives are held on the main campus and at the Sandy Center.

Click each option below to learn more.


"It's never too late!"

"As a new mother I was afraid that I was never going to come back because of having a family, but my advisors encouraged me even more to pursue my degree, which then fueled my desire to finish for not only myself but my new family. The only thing I regret was not coming back earlier. I made excuses, but there's no finish line when it comes to education. Once a Ute, always a Ute!" - Bernice Mauinatu

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Last Updated: 5/7/24